Thursday, July 1, 2010

Style the Kids like Royalty...

with RegalCottage - EtsyTwitter Team Shop of the Week!

I love this little guy! Marty the Tooth Buddy Pillow - in my favorite color - GRAPE!!! He comes complete with a pocket on the back for the Tooth Fairy to leave her treasures...

Fortune in the Sun Regal Baby BallThis week the EtsyTwitter Team is spotlighting the talent of Regina Frydman of RegalCottage. Regina makes eco-friendly children's clothing, accessories, and gifts. Many of her designs combine vintage fabrics with modern designer quilting fabrics, eco-felt or organic cotton for the perfect eco-fab combo. Regina feels that "even kids deserve to have style with a conscience." She wants her designs to excite kids--to make clothes they "can't wait to wear. Fun, color, comfort, and style are my priorities when I am designing my products," says Regina. "My inspirations come mainly from my materials. I have a real passion for vintage fabrics, and so I spend a great deal of time hunting for truly special fabrics. I love the thrill of the hunt, and when I find a treasure like a colorful peacock chenille bedspread, my heart just skips a beat. I can't wait to tear into it, and start creating something new."

On the flip side, Regina finds sewing relaxing. After spending the day with her four children, she sews for her Etsy shop at night, calling it "me time." She's hoping that she'll get to do some of her sewing from the beach this summer! She obviously loves her work! "I have a journal stuffed full of things I want to work on. So many ideas, so little time." In this, Regina is a kindred spirit to many in the Etsy Twitter team!

Regina loves to connect with crafty people on Twitter, to see what others are working on, and share her latest creations. Her secret? Using TweetDeck from her phone. "When I have down time, I like to jump on Twitter, and see what everyone is up to."

Chenille Flower Organic Tank
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Thanks to Judy of WellspringCreations for writing this article : ) Sb

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