Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lindab142 is a Gem to be Treasured

EtsyTwitter Team Featured Etsian

Turquoise and Czech Beads BraceletAmidst the flurry of new members, we'd like to highlight Linda Blatchford and her Etsy shop, Lindab142. Linda creates a variety of personal decorative arts, including beaded and bottlecap jewelry, women's chapel caps (kippot) and Judaica items. Linda is inspired by gemstone colors. She says, "I love to design using different sizes and shapes of beads together. Jewelry design has so many facets and possibilities!" In addition to her inspired art, Linda enjoys custom orders where she uses "gemstone characteristics to enhance a certain spiritual quality" and to fit any budget. Her ultimate goal is that each of her customers is happy with their purchase.

Linda uses Tweetdeck to keep track of the Etsy Teams activities on Twitter. "It's not only a tool for promoting my items, but I've met people on Twitter and we talk about TV shows, movies and other things. I also find it as a resource for asking business questions. It is the 2nd or 3rd Referral site in my Google Analytics program." Linda has two business goals this year: keep organized records of inventory and learn new techniques, starting with wirewrapping.

About the Etsy Twitter team, Linda says "I'm so happy to be on the ETT team, challenging me to come up with more ways to use Twitter. I hope to be able to meet more new ETT team members soon."

Bumblebee Glass Heart Pendant/Earrings Set~~~~~~~

Etsy Shop:

Thanks to Judy of WellspringCreations for writing this article : ) Sb

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