Thursday, December 24, 2009

Go Under the Sea with Noadi's Art -

EtsyTwitter Team's Shop Of The Week

"Merry Squidmas" Everyone! Noadi's Art under the sea and scientific creations are unique and have a sense of whimsy - they always make me SMILE - proving even geeky things can be artsy and chic. I really love Sheryl's specimens in a jar. This brain in a jar necklace is the perfect keepsake to commemorate my seven years of working "BRAINSTORMS" Advertising [really] and the good old days...we actually made Christmas Cards with brains. We had a photo shoot with a shelf of brains in Jars and another with a large gelatin brain that we photoshopped into a string of christmas lights [back when photoshop was a baby and didn't have all the bells and whistles it has today, or layers for that matter]. Those were the days...

And if all Noadi's swimming and science stuff has worked up an appetite, Noadi can also fill your appetite with the "Culinary Cuttlefish" - a blog about Sheryl's passion for cooking. With all things culinary to feed your mind and stomach - AND - homestyle recipes, in a quirky, step-by-step experimental fashion. YES, I am a fan. For the new year, I am preparing my first roast beef following her recipe ; )

There's a genuine love and passion behind the sculpture and jewelry that you find swimming at Noadi's. Cephalopods, fossils, crabs, and other denizens of the sea fill this shop and artist Sheryl Westleigh wouldn't have it any other way. A 27 year old Maine native, Sheryl's love for science and these unique and intelligent creatures inspires every one of her original, polymer clay creations.

From intricately tentacled steampunk cephalopods bristling with gears to quirky specimen jar pendants and platypus ornaments, you can find the perfect gift for the science lover in your life, or for yourself, in this unique shop.

Sheryl says, " I really do love the subjects I base my creations on.It's really wonderful that I've found an outlet for it that sells, and that allows me to bring in my other interests."

In addition to the Etsy Twitter Team, Sheryl is also a member of Seller Helping Sellers on Etsy, and has plenty of tips for those wanting to use Twitter as a means of promoting work and building your business.
"Make strategic use of autoposting of new items and deals. No more than 3 new items at a time. When I have deals that are scheduled to autopost, I do it no more than once every 4 hours. That seems to be a frequency that gets enough attention from my followers without becoming annoying. I also network with others who share my interests in science, etc, outside of the Etsy community, and that has led to sales. "

Sheryl's favorite thing about her art? "That I can do it for a living. And working with polymer clay is a joy, too. I love the stuff! Its so versatile." But marine animals and polymer clay aren't her only loves- she has a beautiful llama named Lauren, as well.

Noadi ships internationally to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all of Europe. Visit Noadi's Art at or find her on:


Free stamped octopus cards with every order, no code needed.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12 Crafts of Christmas - Simple Elegance

Every year for the past 6 or 7 now, I make a batch of crafty goodness for my Grandmother in Chicago. She is 86 this year and teaches painting classes. She has dozens of students and I make her two dozen ornaments to give to her students.

These vellum quilled paper snowflakes are this year's creation. They are actually what I started to do way back when, for my very first batch of ornaments, but there was so much paper piecing, I wasn't able to finish them in time. I was looking around my studio for something else and came across these that were halfway completed. Forgetting what I went upstairs for in the first place, I grabbed the bag and went to work finishing these "Simply Elegant" took two nights of quilling to finish them off.

The package was received yesterday afternoon and my Grandmother loves them. She gives them out a luncheon this week : )

Stay tuned, I have more crafty Christmas goodness to share....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

12 Crafts of Christmas is here!!!

Every other Christmas my husband and I travel to Chicago to spend the holiday with my Grandmother. There is nothing like experiencing Christmas in Chicago (ok maybe Paris may win out, but I've only been to Paris in April). I sort of know what I'm talking about living in South Florida where just two days ago it was 92! Yes 92 yuk!!! We do have a very nice annual Winterfest boat parade, but it's not the Festival of Trees at the MOSI in Chi-town...

For these travel holidays, I have my Holiday Tree to bring the holiday cheer to my house, without dragging out all the trimmings. Fashioned from wood dowels, and square of wooden fence post is lavishly embellished just like a regular tree - adorned with keepsakes, family photos, paper snowflakes, Scrapbooking embellishments, ribbon and garland. This is just the one side, and there is more to be added yet, but I snapped this photo before I junked it up too much - less is more...

This makes a beautiful centerpiece on the table and keeps the family busy reminiscing on all the photos I cherish on this tree. Best of all, I can change it for any season.

This tree is approx 26" tall and longest limb is 14". If you are interested in a naked tree form, base, various size hooks & star for the top ready to assemble and decorate - I'm happy to produce as custom orders for $15 each plus shipping. Please E-mail me at mail { at } sbartist dot com.

Check back tomorrow for the next installment of my 12 Crafts of Christmas ; )

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Candy Cane Christmas

With Love, From the EtsyTwitter Team

Thanks to Lois at foxygknits for this awesome post on her blog "Foxy G's Den of i-KNIT-quity"
and for featuring one of our Paper Lanterns in this...

When a chill hits the air, acageebee digs out her cozy winter gear and is reminded of the warmth her old friends bring. This candy cane striped scarf always makes her smile:

Candy Cane Scarf Painting by acageebee

Here is a welcome that is fit enough for Candy Land itself:

Peppermint Welcome Ornament by FromNancysHeart

This is one-of-a-kind ornament is reminiscent of peppermint swirl candies:

CHRISTMAS Vintage Candy Cane Swirl Large Origami Paper Lantern by SalonDArte

A Candy Cane Red peppermint candle that will burn for 40-60 hours:

Candy Cane Candle by DavesHomemade

How about a peppermint mocha latte festively wrapped in this peppermint stick coffee cozy?

Peppermint Stick Coffee Cozy by HandmadebySandi

Wouldn’t this taste delish in your hot chocolate or cocoa? Or just by themselves - simple & minty sweet...oooh in vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate hershey's syrup...mmmmm

Candy Cane Marshmallows by VintageConfections

And when you write to Santa, you’ll need to give him your return address:

Medium Candy Cane Holiday Address Stamp by purplelemondesigns

A darling little tissue cozy for a purse or schoolbag – just the right size to fill a stocking:

Peppermint Tissue Cozy by AmieVoltaire

You can decorate your tree or a gift package with this altered domino:

Glitter Candy Cane by inmyheadstudios

Merry Christmas to all – And to all a good night!

Big Announcement!!!

SalonD'Arte has been selected as one of the Holiday Sampler artisans. I am so excited to be part of this. Also one of my EtsyTwitter Team members ACageyBee is part of the Holiday Sampler, too.

I've been working my fingertips to the bone folding hundreds - LITERALLY... hundreds of paper squares making ornaments to prepare for my submission for the Holiday Sampler.

For those of you who are subscribers, I hope you enjoy a my gift of a Handmade Holiday to you, with a paper origami ornament, that is not only beautiful, but easy to make and I've included instructions to begin a new Handmade Holiday tradition with your family and friends.

I'll begin a special "12 Crafts of Christmas" post beginning this check back to see what I've been up to in elf land : )

Getting to know JusShar Designs...

EtsyTwitter Team Shop Of The Week

Brr! Winter's chill is in the air even here in Atlanta, and that means getting out the warm toasty goodness of my fav pair of fingerless gloves. It also means its time to pay a visit to Jusshar Designs. This snuggly Etsy shop is brimful of hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, shrugs and more, all designed with enough flair to keep winter's worst at bay in style.

Owner Beth Newbern-Hallam loves the satisfaction of taking a "skein or two of yarn and creating something from it. I'm also really beginning to appreciate the process of making yarn. I've been slowly starting to take raw fleece and spin it into yarn. I haven't done enough to actually make something with it because there is so much involved. I have a new respect for spinners!"
Beth gathers inspiration from everywhere. "Every time I see a show, movie, or commercial with fiber creations in it, I think to myself...."bookmark that idea for later". Sometimes I can't sit back and enjoy the movie for all the fiber seeking I'm doing.
Mainly, though, I knit and crochet because I absolutely love to do it. It's almost like I HAVE to do it to feel right with the world."
A growing fondness for the warm beauty of Icelandic wool is fueling Beth's newest interest in working with raw fleece.
"Icelandic sheep are gorgeous animals, and their wool is so incredibly soft. I haven't dyed any of it yet, because I really like the earthy tones ...reds, browns, and blacks are my favorites."
Jusshar Designs is happy to ship internationally as well as create custom items. "I absolutely adore making the sweater shrugs that I have listed as a custom item in my shop! I was surprised at how popular they are with brides."
Beautiful handknits and crocheted pieces make fabulous gifts, so now's the time to take advantage of the discount below:
10% off For Fans of Jusshar on Facebook, With
Free Shipping in the US and Discounted Rates for Those Outside
The US.
Visit JusShar Designs:
Follow Jusshar on Twitter:

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Yarn Coture - EtsyTwitter Team's

Shop Of the Week!

Exquisitely knitted creations take center stage in YarnCoture. The shop is filled with amazing pieces that will have you looking forward to weather cold enough to wear them!

Owner Maryum Karim says, "I try to offer a wide variety of designs to appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers. I love to create custom designs as well as OOAK (one-of-a-kind) items in order to provide a personal shopping experience for my customers. Every item is made with great care and will not bear the Yarncoture name until I feel that it's just right. I am constantly educating myself on new knitting and crocheting techniques to improve my craft. "

In addition to scarves, shawls, and fingerless gloves, Maryum also offers vintage inspired designs. "My favorite pieces that I make are my Vintage Inspired Ascot neckties... I just love the simplicity of the design! "

Maryum admits that inspirations for her stylish creations come from everywhere. "I can have a dream about a design and then wake up and create it that same day. On the other hand, a set of beautiful vintage buttons or really funky novelty yarn may inspire me to make something new. A medley of my vintage patterns collection or just a simple knit or crochet pattern coupled with my special touch will sometimes do the trick. It all depends on what mood I'm in!"

A self-taught knitter, Maryum's passion for her craft is another source of inspiration. "there's always a new technique, stitch pattern, a new yarn fiber, or design to try or learn. I love the way the yarn feels as it glides off my knitting needles or how quickly I can crochet a beautiful flower. I also love the fact that I have been teaching my 2 daughters to knit and crochet, and have even featured some of their finished pieces in my shop! Being able to pass these ancient crafts down to my daughers has truly been a joy! "

Maryum admits that its sometimes difficult to balance all the areas of her busy life, so her favorite twitter trick is using her shop Facebook Page to update twitter as well. " I love to tweet, however lately I have been swamped preparing for an upcoming craft show as well as custom orders. Tweeting through my Facebook fan page saves me a lot of time and enables me to allow my fans as well as fellow "Twitteroos" to sneak a first peek at new items in my shop. I usually tweet about my day and sometimes ask fellow Twitterers about theirs. Watching what others are saying also helps me to get a feel for my audience and what a potential buyer may be looking for. "

YarnCoture offers unique gift ideas for everyone on your gift list, including great accessories for those hard-to buy-for men on your list, and ships both domestic and international.

Free standard worldwide shipping for every item in my shop. This special offer will be available through December. Priority Mail and Express mail services will be available for an additional charge.
Follow YarnCoture:

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