Saturday, August 28, 2010

Find Haute-Couture at Yarncoture...

EtsyTwitter Team Shop of the Week

The Peacock Luxe Loop Scarf
This week the Etsy Twitter Team is featuring yarncoture, the Etsy shop of Maryum Karim. Maryum is a knit/crochet accessories designer who makes an entire line of knit and crochet sweaters, hats, shrugs, scarves, brooches, spa items, and in the near future, perhaps, even bedding and home decor items!

The designs of yarncoture are aimed at customer comfort and satisfaction. Maryum offer a wide range of products and price points to accommodate every preference and be attractive to any budget. Maryum adds, "I also specialize in custom work to provide my customers with a "haute-couture" boutique experience...there's always going to be something special that a man or woman would like to own in their wardrobe and the experience of creating something special for someone is truly...rewarding".

Looking through her shop, it's not surprising that Maryum delights in using the finest materials and trying out new stiches and techniques. And inspiration? She says "Anything can inspire me..a strong personality, a beautiful vintage button, some soft fluffy yarn...anything! I can see a specific person or a specific group of materials and I will try to create around those things to fashion together something extraordinary."

Keep an eye on yarncoture for new designs for the Fall/Winter 2019-2011 season! Maryum is halfway to her goal of 300 sales this year and she's hoping the winter season will bring in lots of sales...and very satisfied repeat customers!

Maryum uses Twitter in a way reminiscent of fine shopkeepers by greeting everyone, talking a little bit about what she's working on, responding to other people's tweets of interest, and maybe tweet about some of the items in her Etsy shop. She believes that keeping her virtual shelves stocked with new and unique items is what brings sales to her shop...and that great customer service results in wonderful word-of-mouth advertising!

Cotton Knit: Bloom in Red
yarncoture is offering
Free Worldwide Shipping on SELECTED items
Free Shipping on EVERYTHING shipped within the U.S. and Canada
20% off on all Basketweave Knit Scarves and
20% off on all Amazing Chunky Skinny Scarves
Check out yarncoture through these venues!

..and how about her latest Fall Collection video?!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Getting an inside look at inmyheadstudios...

EtsyTwitter Team Shop of the Week!

Domino Pendant - Bold Floral Paisley - Altered Domino Pendant
Our Etsy Twitter Team Shop of the Week is inmyheadstudios featuring altered mixed-media domino and game piece jewelry, microscope slide glass pendants, ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals) by the talented Vickie Porter.

In describing her work, Vickie puts it best "I have a seriously good/bad relationship with perfectionism so my customers can rest assured they are getting top quality materials and artwork. It’s sometimes hard to tell in photos online, but the dominoes and microscope slide glass pendants have real tiny paper collages on them. I work with ridiculously small pieces of paper sometimes.

"My new line of archival prints on my domino jewelry has allowed me to reach new levels of detail for such a tiny canvas. I have been creating larger mixed media collage work in the same proportions as the dominoes. I scan and print them out in wood domino size, which is 1 3/4 inches x 7/8 inches. I usually add another layer of detail to the little collage to make the domino special."

For such a variety of beautiful and intricate results, Vickie gets her inspiration from colors, lines, and shapes (basically everything). "I simply have to create or I’m not happy. It’s like needing air." It follows that Vickie is not confined by rules, but lets her inspiration and creativity have full rein. While she may not stick to one medium, she admits, "Central to almost everything I do is paper. I love paper."

For the upcoming seasons, Vickie plans to show her work at as many shows as she can fit into her schedule. She has big holiday plans, however to add domino Christmas tree ornaments and admits to having a "couple other things up my sleeve" we have some holiday surprises to look forward to in her etsy shop!

Vickie is happy to take custom orders and ships internationally, too!

On the business side, Vickie is adept at Twitter (via TweetDeck) and recommends the team to "Engage! Talk. Share! Provide quality content. Comment on links posted. Retweet. Actually, I rarely tweet about my shop. I probably should tweet it more. I get irritated with Etsy sellers who only tweet their shop links. Tell me about you and what is important to you. Let me get to know you. What excites you about your work? I’m way more likely to buy from you that way."

Tweeting links can be time-consuming to research, but Vickie has a tip to share! "One of my tricks is using Google Reader to find quality content to share. I have a feed set up for the keyword “creativity”. So every morning I have a big shiny new list of articles about creativity, which is a subject I really like to read about. When I read really good articles, I tweet them. Providing this kind of content gets me retweeted a lot and that in turn gets my name out there."

For bringing traffic to inmyheadstudios, Vickie has this tip to share: Connect "with people online in a combination of places– Twitter, Facebook, Ning sites. You have to talk about you or no one else will be talking about you. Get out there! All The Universe asks is that you show up."

Domino Pendant - Sophisticated Squares - Altered Domino Jewelry Pendant

FREE shipping to anywhere
from August 16-22!
Discount applied through
prompt PayPal refund.
No need for coupons or codes!
Etsy Shop:

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Most Favorite Aunt is "Full of Knits and Flair"

EtsyTwitter Team Featured Shop - MostFavoriteAunt

Rainbow Brite - Ladies Leg Warmers
The EtsyTwitter Team’s Shop of the week is: MostFavoriteAunt, also known as Pamela Ziemlewicz. According to Pamela, the shop is full of “knits and flair,” from baby hats, coffee cup cozies and other knitted goods to pinback buttons—all adorable, all handmade, and “all me,” she says What inspires her? “I'm pretty sassy. Usually I'll make some smart-alec remark and then think, ‘Oooh, that would make a cool...’” What is her motivation? “I work a lot. At the end of a long day, I love turning on the boob-tube, and sitting down with some yarn and needles to relax.” Eventually, she’d like to turn her craft into her full-time endeavor and dreams of quitting her day job…maybe by 2011!

On the Twitter front, she offers this advice: “just tweet yourself”! She does this by tweeting about her three biggest hobbies: traveling, reading, and creating. She brings traffic and sales to her shop through her generosity: “Do it for a cause! The biggest traffic draws are items where proceeds go to charity. This scarf is a super-seller!

Her upcoming plans? “Fall and Winter are always BIG seasons for me. Lots of people buying warm fuzzies. Lots of cold and yucky days to spend inside creating.” Look for an increased and ever-changing inventory! Perfect timing for the holiday season to come!

Enviro-Friendly Coffee Cozy - DORK
Please visit MostFavoriteAunt:
Etsy Shop:

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