Friday, July 9, 2010

Christmas In July - Day 8

Today's second installment for Thursday is this beautiful clear glass ornament filled with glitter and a hand-stamped and painted acetate circle suspended inside. You could even put in a photo inside for a special personalized gift - and inexpensive, too. A pack of 6 glass ball ornaments, depending on when you buy them, can be as little as $3-4.00. Too bad not as many stores are doing Christmas in July these days...I used to get the best stuff in July and late summer months before the Holiday season frenzy.

How did I get the circle size for the inside? I used my circle scissor circle tool and I cut out several circles near the size of the glass ball. Then I placed the glass ball into the holes and the one that fit the most snug without forcing it in was the size I used. If the packaging has a cardboard tray, you could trace the circle shape from that, too.

So I stamped and decorated my acetate & cropped to a circle. To get it inside, gently pull out prong for hanger, roll image around a pencil or back end of paintbrush {something to fit in hole}, and gently slide it inside ornament and let unroll. Gently hold it so that it doesn't fall flat to the bottom {if it does, use pen to reorientate}. Add glitter with small paper rolled funnel. Then replace hanger with prong so that one prong is in front of circle image and one is in back and that will keep it from falling down.

This is something I made for my grandmother to give to her students. I sent her two-dozen of these. This is one of my favorite ornaments I've made. The one drawback of living in South FL - I spent $60 sending these Fed-Ex to make sure they made it there in one piece to Chicago - and it was worth every penny - not a single one was damaged.
Enjoy : ) Sb

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