Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Every year we send out Christmas cards - either store bought, or handmade. I always seem to have a couple leftover that aren't used...What do you do with all those leftover Christmas Cards???

Well, you could use them up next year. I never do that, I just save them in a box. I never want any of my family or friends saying, "didn't you send me that one already?"

So in an effort of "thinking Green" and saving a few dollars, a friend of mine at work and myself brought in all our "leftovers" and during lunch swapped out our leftover miscellaneous cards. What a great idea!!! I now have a beautiful assortment of 45 new cards for this year's upcoming holiday season and so does my friend.

This is a great idea to do during the summertime - have a get together with a few friends for a Holiday Card "SWAP-a-RAMA". You could even make tags or other seasonal cards, too.

Have a great crafty day! See you tomorrow : ) Sb

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