Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christmas in July - Day 24

The final "Piece de resistance" in the series of Stacking Boxes is Mrs. Claus. Complete with wire-rim glasses and fresh out of the kitchen baking holiday cookies. It is so amazing what can be made with the array of craft supplies and patterned papers we have at our disposal - the possibilities are endless!

One of my favorite crafty stores is the Dollar Tree. It is an endless supplies begging for transformation. I scored a dozen santa hats made from a felted plaid fabric, which made Mrs. Claus' bonnet so perfectly...and the leftover fur rims were saved for another project I will share in a day or so.

Mrs. Claus is adorned with apron,
too and a red bow tying it off in the back.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great weekend : ) Sb

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