Thursday, July 30, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team's

Shop Of The Week: Glitzy Events

This week brings me to Glitzy Events: which has customized invites & an attention to detail [like rhinestone buckles] that I admire and work towards in my own artwork, design and hand-crafted creations. This is what sets Kimberley's shop above the bar - like your invites are getting the white glove service with a mint left on the pillow. I particularly like her blog where she features client and design spotlights; which are a more in-depth look at design packages that have been produced. This really gives you an idea of an entire package as a whole - not to mention - it's a pretty business saavy idea, too. Invitations...get your BLING on! SMb

Kimberley Williams, of Glitzy Events has one mission: to provide high quality products and personalized service to her clients. Whether working with brides-to-be, or those planning graduation, anniversary or other celebrations, Glitzy Events is a one-stop source for everything from gorgeous, fully customized invitations to products such as unity & memorial candles, place cards, menus, programs, etc.

Born out of Kimberley's frustrations while planning her own wedding, Glitzy Events is happy to design something unique for a customer. "We can take any design in our shop and customize it completely for our clients. If a client loves our work but wants something a little different we will work with them until we can come up with a design that they love. We don’t charge any additional design fees as we feel that this is part of the custom process." Located in New York, the shop currently ships to the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK and is always happy to provide shipping quotes for other International customers.

With a full service website as well as an Etsy location, Kim's always looking for ways to save time and has found Twitter to be very useful in reaching new clients. " has been an extremely helpful tool. As I list new items they are posted to my twitter account automatically within 30 minutes which then results in immediate views for my products. Using this tool saves me a lot of time and allows my products to be seen by hundreds of people almost instantly. This has helped me to connect with other professionals within and outside of my industry. These connections lead to referrals which lead to sales."

Glitzy Events is offering two specials this week: Become a Fan of their Facebook Page (, leave a comment on their Wall, and receive 5% off your full invitation order AND Order 2 or more INVITATION samples and get free shipping...refund to be issued via Paypal.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

New Project That's Starting Out Green

I'm working on a new project for a Mini Scrapbook class that I will teach at the end of August. It is a shell book. I wanted to use real shells, but I found an inexpensive, GREENER option. I'm using these cheap plastic serving dishes that came from the party store - one's that aren't recyclable and are way too flimsy to really repurpose with a plant or something weighty. So I had a EUREKA moment...I will keep these babies out of the trash and strengthen them with some old-school paper maché! So gluey and fun! For the paper I am using a mini phone book that was left at my front door during the week that met an afternoon downpour - so it's been drying on the door mat waiting to head to the recycling bin. I have one coat on each side so far and I'm waiting for it to dry and see how they've perked up. When complete, I plan on spraying them with some stone texture spray paint [I know, that's not so green], then paint details with acrylics to make them have the look and feel of a real shells. I will post more as this project progresses.

Meanwhile, the Go GREEN with the Etsy Twitter Team Event continues through please drop by and check it out! One of the awesome scavenger hunt prizes is one of my handmade mini scrapbooks made from AOL installer disks...SMb : )

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It’s time for the eco-party!! The Etsy Twitter Team has rounded up their best and brightest eco-friendly handmade items and supplies all for your enjoyment. Step right up and see how you can support handmade and the environment at the same time. Win-win for all involved!!

Why is buying handmade and environmentally friendly an important thing to do? The two go hand in hand. Buying handmade items supports small local businesses that do not have a huge impact on the environment like major corporations do. The accumulative effects of mass production contribute to global warming and pollution. You have not used up gas to go to the store to buy a gift and that gift is handmade and one-of-a-kind. Buying handmade helps us to reconnect with actual people in ways we don’t when we buy at “big-box” stores. That connection fosters community and community fosters care and concern for the world around us. So help us support our artists and our Earth!

Many of these shops have created items just for this event. Most are offering great sales like 10% off or free shipping. Take a look through the list and check them out!

Along with this event, the EtsyTwitter Team is hosting a scavenger hunt. Hidden in shops on this list is the graphic you see above. It’s hidden in one of their shop listings. Find them and email the URL to If you blog about this event or tweet it on Twitter leave a comment on this post for extra entries into the contest - one per blog post and one per tweet. I will choose 5 winners at random for eco-friendly prizes at the end of the week. Contest ends at midnight July 27th. Watch the blog tomorrow for photos of the prizes! They’re really neat!

Now go on and shop till your green self drops!!

25% off the price of everything in the store (not including shipping). Refunds will be sent to your Paypal account after purchase. This offer may not be combined with other specials such as gift certificates.

Pendants are assembled from repurposed poker chips, silver plated bails and quality papers. They are sealed with a non-toxic sealer and glaze that give the pendant a glass-like shine.

This lovely herbal facial masque is made from skin-nourishing lavender and chamomile. 20% off everything in the shop.

This is a great salve to use if you or your loved ones have been out in the sun a bit too long. 15% off herbal salves when you mention "EtsyTwitter" at check out. The discount will be refunded by PayPal.

Created from an upcycled vintage wood domino and vintage beads. 15% off all orders over $10 (not including shipping). Refund given through PayPal for amount of discount.

This lovely mossy green coffee cup cozy is hand knit with a gorgeous cable stitch. An eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper sleeves. Free shipping when you type "Go Green" in the message to seller. Refunded via PayPal after payment.

A beautiful piece of a flawless icy white beach glass that hangs with a seashell found along the Canadian shores. Now accepting par payments to Canadians. After you buy, she will send a PayPal invoice in Canadian money.

This shop features all plant-based, non-toxic body care items as well as eco-friendly supplies for crafters.

Recycled and embroidered olive oil bottle. 20% off of everything in the shop this week!

Created from Precious Metal Clay which is recycled from silver used in photographic practices. Free shipping for any order over $50 in USA. Insurance will be extra.

This particular specimen consists of a blue singing flower under a vintage glass dome with a handwritten specimen label.

Knitted and crocheted this with a soft and silky all natural pure wool yarn.

This lovely pillow was once a wild vintage sweater made of a thick, soft 100% Shetland wool in a pattern of turquoise, charcoal grey, pinks, yellows, and a darker blue!

Ready to Go Green? Tired of those plastic bags from the grocery store? Well, here's the solution!

This black round shell beaded white necklace is upcycled from a resale shop find. Free shipping on her Go Green and Christmas in July items over $6. Code is "Sh6".

This item is a eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper sleeves. 25% off everything – prices already reduced.

Recycled silk upholstery fabric in two-toned stripe used on the front and back covers. Inside are 28 pages of re-purposed discarded blank office paper. Receive a FREE treasure bag of craft supplies with any order from PrettyCheap (one bag per order please).

Upcycled from a Scrabble Tile! Two for one prints if you mention "Etsy Twitter" on check out. Just buy one print at the regular price & then include the name of the 2nd print you'd like (for free!) in the notes to seller section.

This is an elastic Bracelet made of Baby Huayruro Seeds. 10% off if the buyer types "GGETT" in the message to the seller.

Free standard shipping on any bag with the "Go Green" code. Shipping will be reimbursed after the sale.

The ring is wrapped in sterling silver wire that is recycled from American jewelers and manufacturers! The stone is colored and shaped by nature alone.

Organic cotton market bag

A yarn made from 30% recycled polyester from plastics found in soda and water bottles, this yarn helps lessen the impact on the environment and landfills.

This pre-made, REcycled/UPcycled scrapbook album is just waiting for you to add your photos to or give as a gift!

A bracelet made from an upcycled vintage tin from Japan, with a graphic design of tropical hibiscus on one side, and white polka dots on a pink field on the other. Free shipping in the US, affordable shipping worldwide.

This Cozie SET contains a super cute, crocheted cozie for your personal ice cream container! Plus one cozie for your significant other to use around their favorite flavor! Your choice of any Reusable Coffee or Cola Cozie FREE with any purchase during the Go Green Event! Just note your selection in message to seller.

She recycled a favorite shirt into a preschoolers pillowcase dress. Free Shipping on all Go Green items.

Let everyone know you care for the environment with this stylish market bag. Free shipping in ETT Go Green Event Section.

Cherish your Disney Memories with this adorable mini album! The pages are made out of recycled AOL installer CDs. Receive Free Shipping & free gift on all Think GREEN items in this shop. Please mention GREEN TWEETS in message at checkout to receive credit of shipping costs.

20% off list prices for buyers using the discount code "Go Green"

This is a set of 4 black and white images attached to 100% recycled cards with 100% recycled envelopes. Free shipping for the rest of July (refunded through PayPal).

This fine silver [.999] pendant is made from an actual leaf with precious metal clay. Free shipping on any item in the Etsy Goes Green section.


Come by tomorrow for a look at the 5 fabulous prizes we are awarding at random to the scavenger hunt winners!! Plus all week we will be talking about going green! See you back here tomorrow!

Follow us @EtsyTwitrTeam on Twitter for all the Earth-loving updates! See the whole team's tweets here. Think GREEN! SMb

Monday, July 20, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team's

Shop of the Week: Geek Details

If you are of generation "X" and grew up in the '80s - then this shop is for you! Flashback to the days of micro mini's, bangle bracelets & denim jackets covered in pins. Those were the days! GeekDetails also has these unique "Alice in Wonderland" themed items like roses with faces and they just make you chuckle. Enjoy this shop and get your "GEEK" on - here's a little more about this "Totally RAD" shop...

Amanda Roberts, of, is a very creative artist. She makes a variety of handmade items that are all geeky in nature. She has everything from pinback buttons to handpainted dishware to specimens from her favorite books. She is constantly rolling out new products based on her favorite geeky past times. Her store inventory is a reflection of what she’s into at the moment. And it’s all wonderful geeky goodness!! But you don’t have to be a geek to enjoy her work. It’s all very fun and sometimes whimsical. Her buttons are quite witty!!

“I want my customers to know the attention to detail that goes into my products. I don’t make things I wouldn’t be happy with receiving myself. I love making custom orders and just because an item isn’t listed doesn’t mean I’m not willing to make it. Some of my favorite items stem from a customer contacting me about an idea they had.

“What inspires me: I can look at a shell shaped dish and figure out something to do with it or overhear a conversation during a party and run upstairs with a new idea for the store. Some of my best ideas for my store happen over a couple drinks with geeky male friends while discussing the finer points of Arathi Basin or heckling the zombie lore of a movie.”

Twitter tricks of the trade: “I have a widget on my blog now that posts to my Twitter account every time I post a new entry on the blog. It also does a Twitter feed in a sidebar of my blog for me. I’ve found this to be helpful in directing traffic to my blog or my Twitter and it also makes the Twitter account a bit easier to update.”

Follow her @geekdetails
Read her blog at

Special Deal for the Week: One FREE button for every $10 in merchandise purchased (shipping not included). Include the names of the buttons you’d like in the notes to seller. She will also have a listing up for a value pack of buttons that will be up for one week.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Special Event in 4 days...

Go Green with the Etsy Twitter Team!!!

Graphic created by Susan Brown of SalonDArte

The EtsyTwitter Team is throwing an eco-party, and everyone is invited!

For anyone that knows me - they know I am a recycling "NUT"! I pickup things in parking lots, bring home anything I use during the day & recycle everything from straw wrappers to toilet paper tubes, and upcycle things into my artwork. This is a particular Movement/Lifestyle that is near and dear to my heart - one that with small changes in our daily routine - can yield drastic results. Our Earth matters and I want to help make it a better place for my children [when I have some] and their children.

From July 21st to July 27th, the authority on Twitter for all things handmade will be offering a summer feast of cool eco-friendly tips, suggestions, awesome handcrafted genius and a scavenger hunt with lots of “green” prizes for the winners.

Our team, The EtsyTwitter Team which uses Twitter to expand its reach to a global audience, thinks that “Going Green” is far more than just a sales pitch. We really want to dispel the myth that items that are “green” have to be expensive or time-consuming to find, and encourage people to think of ways they can conserve the most valuable resource we have, which is the Earth itself. This is one way to really turn people on to the idea of buying responsibly and learning how to find items, which support, rather than harm, our natural resources and at the same time supporting artists by buying "Handmade".

We feel that supporting green initiatives are part of meeting the Etsy Twitter Team's mission to become the authority on Twitter for all things handmade. The handmade lifestyle is an important piece of the eco-puzzle and we want to be sure and share that with the rest of the world, on Twitter and off.

Beginning on Tuesday, July 21st, the EtsyTwitter Team blog will have a list of participating shops that feature eco-friendly handmade items and more details about the fun scavenger hunt.

I am participating, too! Receive Free Shipping & free gift on all Think GREEN items in my shop. Check out this newly listed item. Please mention GREEN TWEETS in message at checkout to receive credit of shipping costs. One of my handmade upcycled "Think Green" items will be a prize for the scavenger hunt. See you there!! Sb

Monday, July 13, 2009

EtsyTwitterTeam Shop of the Week:

Beadwork by Amanda

As a fellow computer geek - this shop especially appeals to me! No circuit boards headed for the landfills here! Amanda Preske, is the woman behind, and has spent the last year doing the local craft fair circuit in Rochester, NY. She is a chemistry student at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her love for science shows in her artistic endeavors as her beadwork reminds me of complex molecules. She creates pendants using recycled circuit boards with resin as well as beadwoven necklaces and bracelets. She can turn her circuit board pendants into key chains if you so desire.

“I've been making jewelry for half my life! When I was about ten years old, one of my aunts gave be a box of seed beads in an assortment of beautiful, sparkly colors. I've spent many years since then teaching myself how to weave beads on and off a loom as well as other beading techniques. I've recently discovered the versatility in creating with resin. I love interacting with people from all over the world and believe that customer service is of utmost importance when selling my jewelry.

“I absolutely love color, so creating usually starts with a tube of really fun beads. I love the tropics so don't be surprised to find bright colors and a touch of the Caribbean! I also find inspiration from fabric scraps, scrapbook paper, and interesting focal beads.”

On Twitter she loves “to follow what people are doing and help if I can. Since I am a senior studying chemistry, I once helped someone with their chemistry homework through Twitter. I think that actively being a part of Twitter is more enjoyable than robotically posting.”

Amanda is also a member of several Etsy teams: Etsy in Color Team, Etsy Teens and Young Adults Team, Etsy Beadweavers, and Rochester New York Etsy Street Team.

Follow her on Twitter @amandapreske
Read her blog at
Find her on flickr

Thursday, July 9, 2009

EtsyTwitter Team Special Event...

As a newbie to all of this...I thought it might be beneficial to gain some cross exposure for my upcoming shop SMBdesign on Etsy. I volunteered my graphic design talents to create this custom graphic for the EtsyTwitter Team.

If you are interested in custom graphics, banners, avatars, or print collateral, etc. - please tweet me -or- send me a comment here...anytime.

THINK Green! : ) SMb

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

EtsyTwitter Team Shop of the Week


I am so lucky to have found the E.T.T. and that each week I get to learn more about my teammates and their shops. This weeks shop is totally for me - purses are a guilty pleasure [how do I get my husband & relatives to shop here for me???]. I am admittedly a "BAG LADY" and there is so much eye candy for me in Lisa's shop. I love her simple style and attention to detail -AND- her saavy business sense [thanks for the twitter tips]. Please take a visit to LMCreation! This is where I will be getting my handmade gifts for my gal pals... SMb

Lisa Murdin is the creative genius behind the rainbow array of wristlets, pouches, purses and more at LMCreation. Whether from fabric, vinyl, or occasionally leather, the store's creations add a splash of whimsy and color to anything you wear.

Lisa's aim is to make "the best quality piece that I can in my own style and with fabrics that really appeal to me. I also aim to provide the best customer service that I can, the same kind of service that I would like to receive as a customer." Inspired by the beautiful variety of fabrics available, Lisa, like many textile artists, often feels that the fabric "tells me what to do, so when I see the right fabric I just know that it will make a special bag or wristlet or whatever."

Her tip for using Twitter? "Get involved with other people on Twitter, respond to their tweets, re-tweet something that is interesting or good for a new twitter member who might need some help. I might tell people what I'm working on, but I only post links to items in my shop once or twice a day, no more than that. People get to know me and the things that I make and I've had sales and custom orders from twitter contacts, as well as being featured in blogs and treasuries."
Lisa ships worldwide and is happy to provide quotes on custom orders.

Special Deal Offered at LMCreation: 10% discount offered to Twitter customers until July 12. Use code "EtsyTwitter" in the Message to Seller and 10% of purchase price will be refunded.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grand Opening July 1st

Salon D'Arte is now open and celebrating Christmas in July!

A FaceBook fanpage has been created. To become a fan, please CLICK HERE. I am very excited to celebrate the Grand Opening, so I am having a giveaway to all visitors who leave a comment about my shop to this post. The prize will be this ATC [which is one of 8] framed. I look forward to my new venture and to all my new Etsy friends and customers. Thanks for visiting : ) Sb

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