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FromNancysHeart brings Smiles to all Seasons...

This weeks EtsyTwitter Team Featured Etsian.

One of my favorite ETT Teammates and I featured this item during my Christmas in July Extravagana. You will find your fill of Fun & Festive seasonal decorations by FromNancysHeart at Etsy. There's Thunder & Lightning, and Lightning Bugs but what about the least famous brother... the Lightning Bulb? Santa's favorite insect of them all - The Lighning Bulb! This cute little guy certainly shines a whole new light to crafting GREEN : ) Sb

Lightning  Bulb

Meet Nancy Napoli, the creative mind behind FromNancysHeart, the Etsy Twitter Team's Shop of the Week! She has an Etsy shopful of original 3-dimensional ornaments, signs, wreaths, dolls and cake toppers--are all made of wood--and covering just about any holiday or occasion you can think of! And she ships internationally, too!

Nancy has been making little characters for years and never tires of the joy it brings. "Making their little faces just makes me smile and I love telling a story about each one." This imagination and love shows in each item description! Nancy gets most of her ideas from watch all the children in her family. She says "I never have enough time in the day to be able to capture all of their experiences and joys. I love their stories and try to incorporate their imaginative fun". She's pretty economical, too: "I love that I use little pieces of wood to create one's great on space!"
Sugarie Delight
Nancy is relatively new to social media, but it figured prominently in her goals for this year: exploring "The virtual world; and expanding my own knowledge of how it runs." Her aim is "to motivate and inspire customers back into handmade" by "tweeting and sharing creations of other ETT members along with other Etsians on Facebook ~ I hope to bring both family and friends to see the joy and wonderful artistry that's in the world." That's a goal that all Etsians can appreciate!

Nancy's plans for this Winter/Holiday Season include bringing out some new items for the family, possibly even a group gift! "I'm going to show items that can be multi personalized, possibly for a family; or for Grandma with the names of her grandkids." And special for this week, she'll be releasing a few new designs!

Bringing traffic and sales to your Etsy shop can be a challenge. Nancy has worked to create quality photographs and Twitter raport to accomplish this feat.

Sending Love
Nancy will be offering
Free Shipping 10/18 through 10/24
Just mention code SOTW1018
in the comments section
Follow Nancy at
Etsy Shop:

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FirebirdHouse feeds your passion for Vintage...

This week's EtsyTwitter Team Shop of the Week

Reclaimed Vintage Book Journal
Introducing FirebirdHouse, the Etsy shop of Kristen Evans, and our Etsy Twitter Shop of the Week. FirebirdHouse offers books, jewelry, and home accessories. The common theme? Kristen loves using reclaimed and recycled materials as well as new. She says "I really love old things, especially books, and I am passionate about not losing a piece of history to the trash can or the landfill if I can help it." Her ultimate goal is to make everything that comes out of her studio a true work of art that is also useful and unique. It is not surprising that she is inspired by beautiful vintage items, everything from "furniture to an Art Nouveau book", she says.

Browsing FirebirdHouse, it is evident that her work is, by its very nature, unique and one of a kind. Kristen thrives on this variety: "When you work with vintage, you get used to the fact that every piece will be different. I am constantly challenged and inspired by what I do."

While Kristen is talented with updating vintage jewelry, her true love is vintage books. She is looking to move more into bookbinding and has just signed a gallery contract to do just that. How exciting to be able to do what you love most...and be recognized for your work! Congratulations, Kristen! She plans to migrate her FirebirdHouse inventory over to journals and other bookbinding efforts to reflect her changing focus.

Kristen is an accomplished Twitter user. Her only secret? "to interact as much as I can. My twitter-hood is a fantastic group of people, and I find them encouraging and inspiring." Conversely, to bring traffic to her shop, Kristen lists consistently (usually several times a week) and she uses to post links to her new work in multiple places at the same time. "These are the best ways I have found for bringing my shop."

Vintage Inspired Copper Rhinestone Flower Ring~~~~~~~

Etsy Shop:

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Jewels that are out of this World by starbabyonline

Etsytwitter Team's Shop of the Week

Hearts and Flowers bracelet - Rose Pink
Meet Debby Carter of starbabyonline, this week's Etsy Twitter shop of the week. Debby makes jewelry with an ethnic/organic feel and loves working with glass, semi-precious gemstones, and sterling silver. No newbie to jewelry design, Debby has been intermittently designing since 1973, discovering a love of beads early in life. In fact, she admits "working in a bead shop was the first job I ever landed! The owner was smart; she knew she'd get my salary back in my bead purchases."

Her creations are one of a kind because "I want everyone to have their own unique piece." Luckily, Debby finds inspiration everywhere: a bead, a fashion, a movie. As she puts it "Seriously, it could be just about anything... how the weather feels that day..."!

And she loves a lot about her craft-

* Her materials, "There are *always* new beads coming out";

* the social side of beading: "I've met so many friends starting with a conversation at a bead or craft store"; and

* even sharing her skills: "I'm paying forward everything I've learned from others."

Debby is making a big change this season: "I'm moving my 21 years worth of possessions from my three BR house into a house-share that's already furnished. Not coming at the best time of the year for me, because I can't devote as much time to Etsy as I'd like. After my move is complete in November, I'm going to list as much as I can on Etsy as possible. There'll be some great promotions going on with that too!" Something to look forward to!

As for Twitter and promoting her Etsy Shop, Debby feels it is important to promote others as much as she promotes herself, but it is also critical to speak up and let people know she has an Etsy shop!

Etsy Shop:
Facebook: starbabygems and starbabyreadings

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Friday, October 1, 2010

EtsyTwitter Team's having a Wonderland Wedding

Special Event OCTOBER 1st - 9th

Planning a wedding can make you crazy with all the activity that surrounds it. It’s hard enough to find a dress and a caterer and a band, never mind thinking about the little extras that make the event fun and memorable. The EtsyTwitter Team is creating this event for the bride-to-be so she can find unique items in one place. Our wedding gift to the bride will be great specials and discounts that will make it easier on her wedding budget.

From October 1 thru October 4, Fall weddings will be featured. A splendid display of all the Autumn colors will make for a beautiful wedding. Items for themed weddings - Halloween, Victorian, Goth, and Southern Bell will add to the fun.

From October 5 thru October 9, Winter weddings are in season - snow white, sparkling blue ice, warm reds, Christmas and New Year’s. Come back everyday and see how the EtsyTwitter Team can help you have a magical celebration.

Meet Valerie from crochetgal
With Fall having cool evenings make sure your bridal party is warm during those pictures and/or as a thank you gift for being in the bridal party. These shawls can be custom made for all members of the bridal party. (please convo her for color and other arrangements if you don't see it in her shop) Shown here is the white wedding shawl with tiny beads.
A second version of this shawl is a butterfly shawl that can be viewed here.

Meet Ayca from SuppliesbyAyca

Use the coupon code "ETTLOVE" and she will offer 10% OFF on any of her crochet flowers.

The crocheted flowers can be used for wedding table decoration , favor , wedding hair accessories DIY ... etc.

A special thanks to Maxine from WhimsyFish for writing the first part of this blog & our PR for the event ~AND ~ to Jessica from frostedtreats for making the graphic for this event...and don't forget our Awesome Etsytwitter team leader ~Jennifer Kubrick~ of Jenco13 for organizing us and this event!

Add POP-art to your Cuppa Joe at dizzlePOP!

This weeks EtsyTwitter Team Shop of the Week...

The SQUEEZE -- fabric coffee cozy -- Mary Englebreit goodnessIntroducing Gigi Thorsen, the creative mind behind dizzlePOP, the EtsyTwitter Team's Shop of the Week. Gigi makes coffee cozies in a wide assortment of fabrics from bold to subtle, from flowers to skulls. It's no wonder she finds inspiration from these wonderful fabrics she's collected. In just over three years, her Etsy shop has seen 870+ sales, so news of her quality and attention to detail has certainly spread. Gigi says "I love making items functional and lasting!"

Some of dizzlePOP's popularity stems from Gigi's great customer service and fast shipping. Not one to rest on her laurels, her goal this year has been to make sure she has enough inventory to be able to turn her orders around quickly, but that's not her motivating force. She says, "For me it's not the numbers but the joy of creating and sharing!"

Gigi feels that Twitter is the best tool that brings business to dizzlePOP. Her secret? "Have relationships with your followers and those you follow." It's not just about the marketing, but the relationships you build through the medium of Twitter than can cause someone to check out your shop and stumble upon that 'just right' purchase. However, she does have a secret Twitter pleasure: Gigi loves to "watch views after a tweet watch the number rise!"

Coffee Cozy Skull and Crossbones Red Bandanas
Gigi is planning a holiday special starting sometime after Thanksgiving, but this week she's offering a shop of the week special!

Buy one, get one half off.
If you order 3 or more, shipping is free!
Find dizzlePOP on

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Jusshar is just Sew Fabulous!

EtsyTwitter Team Shop of the Week - jusshar

plus size crocheted cardigan turquoise 54 inchesThe EtsyTwitter Team shop of the week is jusshar, featuring the sewn, knit, and crocheted accessories created by Beth Newbern-Hallam. Beth just doesn't run down to the store to buy material for every project. She loves to recyle yarns and fabrics. As she puts it, "I'm really dedicated to using what I have, and repurposing materials into something new." She does buy new materials for use in custom projects, unless the customer is like-minded and requests the repurposed materials!

As for ideas, Beth doesn't just get inspired; she is driven! "I just have an internal need to create. I knit and/or crochet every single day. I can't imagine NOT creating." Another thing Beth loves about her work is its mobility. She'll take it along on trips, car rides...even to her kids' school events! And if she's not getting the result she wants? "I can just unravel it and start over."

On the business front, Beth is planning to revamp her blog and website. She also plans to change the direction of her work from trying to hit trends to creating the items that come from her own imagination. This will be a challenge as she is a full time student in graphics and web design and planning a move to North Carolina where she plans to continue her college education. She wont' be alone though, as her youngest son will be attending the same college!

As for Twitter, Beth does tweet, but considers herself a "dabbler". As a business tool, she approaches social media carefully as she is concerned about being spammy. "That's such a turn off for me personally." Bringing business to her shop has been a struggle, although she has concluded that her sales are cyclical, with increased activity over the holidays. With her busy college schedule and planned relocation, Beth is planning to put her Etsy shop on an indefinate break on November 30th. "I'd like to sell out my Etsy shop(s) by then."

granny stitch beanie and fingerless mitts~~~~~~~
Other links to jusshar:
Etsy Shop:

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Have your cake and wear it too with FrostedTreats!

EtsyTwitter Team Shop of the Week

Pink Sakura/Cherry Blossom Cupcake Necklace
The EtsyTwitter Shop of the Week is FrostedTreats, featuring the creations of Jessica Mount. Since 2008, she's used polymer clay to make delicious looking cupcakes, cakes, cookies, pea pods, roses...and the occasional pig in an ice cream cone! While most of the tiny sculptures are wearable charms, Jessica has expanded her product line to include general accessories: bookmarks, push pins, magnets, etc.

For inspiration, Jessica collects photos, mostly from the Internet, of a variety of items: flowers, cakes, owls, fortune cookies, teapots, butterflies (and a few of her brother's pick up truck, though she's not quite sure how they got in there!) Always open to new ideas, when someone says "Oh! You should make..." she adds it to her list!

About her work, Jessica says "Since clay is my medium, the possibilities of what I can create are only limited by my own imagination. That is why I LOVE custom orders. I love having someone ask for something abstract and being able to say, "Yup! I can do that!" The only greater feeling is when they receive the finished product."

Jessica's goal this year is to continue expanding her product line. She says "Even though I love the idea of wearing a little cupcake around my neck or strawberries dangling from my ears, not everyone is into that sort of fashion statement. I've been working on creating more gift-able items...that way everyone can enjoy a little extra treat without worrying if the color of their frosting matches the rest of their outfit!"

In addition to her Etsy shop, Jessica will be showing her creations at a few craft fairs and market tables through the fall in preparation for the holiday season. She's been sketching out some holiday ornaments and...listening to her customers who are looking for gifts to give, that has defined her holiday focus. Look forward to all these new creations in FrostedTreats over the coming weeks!

Jessica has found that Twitter is her main form of bringing traffic to her Etsy shop "Since I started tweeting about my handmade crafts (as well as cross-promoting for things that catch my eye!) my sales and traffic have been phenomenal!" Her advice: "Tweet others the way you would like to be tweeted! If you see something that catches your eye, tweet about it! Having someone else gush over your work is so much more rewarding than gushing over your own projects. Make connections. Build friendships and networks with crafters like yourself and with people whose talents amaze you!"

Jessica's creativity is matched only by her enthusiasm!

Summer Symbols Push Pins~~~~~~~
Visit FrostedTreats in all these places:
Etsy Shop:

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