Thursday, July 15, 2010

Christmas In July - Day 14

Today I was hunting around on Etsy for Ornaments. Since I make ornaments and have a collection of personally chosen treasures for my tree, I feel I am a sort of tree bauble connoisseur.

I found these great selections... and one is an instructable to download and make yourself. Being it is the middle of summer there is plenty of time to start your handmade holiday projects. I would love to make any and all of these. Enjoy!!!

Please click on the photo to go to the item link in Etsy.
Knit yourself a Merry Little Christmas!!!
This PDF pattern will instruct you on how to knit these original Christmas Ornaments by AmyGaines. Aren't they so adordable!!! I have to learn how to knit now - thanks Amy.
This colorful stocking by BloomAndBarnacle is not only super cute, but also eco-friendly! Made from thrifted sweaters and recycled felt, it's great as a tree ornament, package tie on, or simply a holiday decoration.

This unique ornament made of a "Sputnik" Sea Urchin by WadeCreations is perfect for a Christmas-by-the-Sea themed tree. The wood finnials really make this ornament so elegant, but compliment the natural beauty of the shell.

These recycled "REINBEER ORNAMENTS" and Non-Alcohol SANTA'S LITTLE HELPERS are Reindeer shaped ornaments made from recycled Beer and Soda Cans created by makeshoplive. These gave me a cleverly named and GREEN... Oooh and they have googlie-eyes, too!

Woodland  Friends Ornaments - Pine Tree - Christmas In July
These neat trees caught my eye and upon closer inspection, they are clay - not wood. Made by justmare from their woodland friends series, Tilting Pine is ready for the holidays! Each is hand crafted stoneware with a wood grain texture, and glazed on both sides... just like gingerbread & sugar cookies!

I hope you've enjoyed these ornaments - I looked at hundreds and I could keep looking for days. There is so many beautiful ornaments to be found to fill that perfect niche on my tree : ) Sb

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Jessica W said...

Love this collection! I think I seriously need a couple of reinbeers.=)

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