Friday, July 2, 2010

Christmas In July - Day Two

Hello everyone in webland, welcome to today's installment. I wanted to share with you a cute little something I made with some crafty items you might have on hand {especially if you have crafty kids}.

This little reindeer is made from...Yep you guessed it! One of those wooden ice cream scoops! Can you believe it????

With some paint, a few other wooden shapes {or craft foam cut shapes will do, too}, a pipe cleaner, some beady trim {I used one that was little christmas bulbs}, a bow around the neck and to top Rudolph off in his holiday best a pom-pom red nose and GOOGLY EYES!!! I gave him some extra detail with a marker, and VOILA! What a cutie.

I also added a strip of magnet to the back so he can charm the refrigerator all season long.

I made a bunch of these for my Grandmother to give to her students at her painting classes and they loved them. It was quick and easy to make a bunch of these, like decorating cookies - they come to life when you add those finishing touches - especially the googly eyes.

Enjoy! See you tomorrow : ) Sb

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