Friday, July 16, 2010

Christmas In July - Day 16

Hello everyone! It's finally Friday again - this week has flown by. If you have been checking in every day, you might remember July 9th's post featuring a set of stacking Santa boxes.

Well here is his trusty little sidekick "Elmer Elf" with "Rudy" the Reindeer. My apologies on the phone pix, they are the only one's I have. I just had to share it with you. This photo is of one that was made by one of my students at my local S.B. store, Sabrina, who is a constant source of inspiration to me - she asked me to come up with an elf to go with the man in red.

Elmer is also a set of stacking boxes, just smaller, when sitting next to Santa stacked. These stacking boxes are easy to make with patterned cardstock and some craft embellishments. My Elf was given away as a Christmas Gift so I'll have to make another.

The elf hat and ears give "Elmer" such personality and the paper pieced reindeer has my favorite embellishment - googlie eyes!

Happy Friday everyone! The month is halfway over, and there is much more ahead in my Christmas in July posts. Stay tuned...Sb

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