Sunday, August 30, 2009

What's new in the studio...

I have been working on many things recently...not only playing catchup on some other things: an altered book for round robin, some mini charm books also for a swap, class project samples and getting down to making some more of my new found favorite creative babies - the origami ornaments. They are growing on me and the inspritation is coming from everywhere. It certainly doesn't help that spend most of my weekends at my local SB store working & teaching. But yesterday my husband filled my tanks with coffee early and I shot a bunch of photos for new items to post on Etsy.

I have many new items in the works for the shoppe. I am currently on a roll with these Supersized origami ornaments - which are lantern size. I am working on several: an orange & black halloween theme, a blue and green ornate scallop pattern, and a two-tone creme ivory & creme wedding versions. And maybe...a purple and black halloween witch, too.

This is my first "One of a Kind Original". A large origami ornament made with patterned paper by My Minds Eye; a two-toned blue floral brocade pattern, acid & lignin free. Each ornament is approximately 12" high from top to bottom of tassel. A peacock blue 1/8" satin ribbon loop to hang from, approx. 4 1/2", finished with gold filigree cone. A large gold bead flanked by multicolored glass beads adorn a peacock blue colored embroidery floss tassel. Each ornament is hand crafted - the paper form alone is 7" tall - kissing ball size; can be hung alone or in clusters.

For a little bling I can also accent this item with Stickles glitter glue. I have left this plain so far since I like the simplistic beauty and the monochromatic colors.

Thanks to my first customer, AnneMusingDesigns on etsy for the idea of supersizing the orginal origami ornament to lantern size. Please check out her hand made flowers here.

Now I'm off to round up my Altered Mini School Notebook [just found out it sold this morning - YAY!] and prepare it for shipping and make the rounds shopping my studio for supplies & craft goodies to donate to the after school program. Then I'm off to the SB store for the afternoon and stop for some extra new supplies from Staples on my way home. I think I'll treat myself to some pink erasers to carve into stamps...SMb

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Bus is here...Going Back to School with the

Etsy Twitter Team - Aug. 25th - Sept. 7th

Back to School Graphic by SMBdesign

It’s that time of year again… Back to School! Time to gather up all those pens and pencils, clothes and accessories, dorm d├ęcor and paper goods! What fun!

I don’t know about you, but as for me Back to School is something I still enjoy very much and I’m not even in school and I don’t have kids! I just love buying new pens and notebooks! I’m an artist!! Paper, glue and markers are my thing. My favorite quote...

"You know you're an Artist if you go through
a glue stick faster than a lipstick!"

Many of us at the Etsy Twitter Team feel the same so we’re having a big party to celebrate Back to School with you! We’ve got lots to share so let’s get started!!

Geek is Chic! Gorgeous circuit board jewelry! Take 15% off using code "Back to School" and be issued a refund through PayPal. 10% of all sales from August 25th to September 7th will go towards the purchase of school supplies that will be donated to Staples.

100% of proceeds of sale of this item to benefit a local after school program with arts and craft supplies. I also have put together a bunch of paper and other goodies from my stash for the kids, too.

Here's a new bling factor for your hair. Price already discounted!

Free Shipping when buyers mention "Back to School".

"My workplace and I are donating Back to School items to the United Way!" - Jessica

15% off, use code "BTS" in message to seller. Will refund the difference or resend invoice if not yet paid. Will donate 15% of proceeds to her local Staples for Back To School items.

For every $10 spent she will donate $2.00 to Back to School supplies for kids.

10% off. Use code "ETTSCHOOL" in Message to Seller. She will refund the difference in PayPal or resend an invoice - which ever is easier for you. She will donate 10% of her proceeds to buying items for Project SOS.

10% off all items (before shipping) in "Game Day" Section. Funds will be returned via PayPal.

"School starts very early in Atlanta, so office supply stores were offering great specials at the beginning of August. I purchased backpacks, folders, pencils, pens, school glue, notebooks, notebook paper, rulers, protractors and highlighters that I have already donated to the children in the local homeless shelter." - Lois

Sale: 15% discount on whole shop (refunded via PayPal after purchase, does not include shipping) when using coupon code: "Back2School" in Message to Seller at checkout!

"I will also be donating 10% from the orders that use that coupon to 'The Angel Fund" in our county in Iowa and that is used to provide school supplies and tuition for extracurricular programs for children whose families can't afford it (i.e. art classes, dance lessons, swim lessons, etc.)." - Janelle

25% off total cost (including shipping) of any items in the BACK TO SCHOOL section of her shop (Mention "ETTBTS" in the Notes to Seller section and your PayPal account will be refunded.) She will be donating the first $25 from these sales to

Buy 2 Lip Balms and get one FREE Lip Balm of lesser or equal value. Leave a comment at check out with your free lip balm choice.

10% off using "Back to School" in Notes to Seller. Will donate portion of proceeds to Back to School items for kids!

20% of all orders will be donated to buy school supplies!!

Thanks to all of my EtsyTwitter Team members for hosting this event and helping us get Back to School in Style! Sb

Etsy Twitter Team's

Shop of the Week: Nikky Lee Designs

Wow!!! Is this a flower or a necklace? This weeks featured Etsy Artisan certainly has an eye for photography! This is an art that is near and dear to my heart - I can't live without a camera or catching an image - I use my iPhone to take photos more than making phone calls. Nicole's stunning jewelry is showcased by her fantastic eye behind the lens...and the photography in her shop - one word...BREATHTAKING!! Please see for yourself here. I will be perusing her items for my wish and gift lists...Sb

Nicole Husnik, of, creates stunning handmade jewelry and very professional photographs. I like the juxtaposition of her work styles. The two seem to complement each other nicely in terms of design, color, and composition.

She says about her two styles, “They're both a passion that I don't think I could live without. Every jewelry piece and photo I take is made with beauty and pride in mind.”

What inspires Nicole to create? “Mostly nature and its ability to be beautiful with such little effort.” Her work seems to require little effort, too, and that is a hallmark of excellent design and craftsmanship. She chooses many different styles of beads and stones to work with. Some of her work is funky and some of it is more traditional beadwork.

Her favorite thing about her craft: “The pure exhilaration when a piece is finished, or a photo turns out, just as I hoped... amazing feeling of satisfaction!”

What are her Twitter tricks of the trade? “Lots of personal tweets, cross promo tweets with personal promo scattered about. Share the love and it will be returned!” Nicole tweets a lot for the team and is always at the ready to retweet a sale, special, or just good news from other Etsy Twitter Team members.

Follow her on Twitter @nikkyleedesigns

Read her blog:

Special for this week: Free earrings of her choice with any jewelry purchase $15 or more. Enter code "Feature Shop" in comments at checkout.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shared Ideas Visualized...

This large origami ornament in "HOT" tropical colors is a special gift for my 1st customer Anne of AnneMusingDesigns on Etsy. Not only was she my first sale, she had much praise for my little origami gems and gave me several etsy pointers and some awesome design ideas. She is a fellow Etsy artisan who makes paper flowers and has handmade roses made from pages of romance novels {what a beautiful way to alter a book}. From our convos, I was so inspired - I dove into my paper stash to find the girliest, most colorful floral I could find. This is the result of some of those ideas - a large version of the ornament - in bright DaisyD Floral patterned paper! The form is 7" tall - kissing ball size {embellished about 12"}. I am so excited to be shipping my orders today and this special surprise for my new etsy friend. I can't wait for the orders to be delivered...while I wait, I am making some of these larger decor ornaments for the shoppe. Thanks so much Anne : ) Sb

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team's

Shop of the Week: Firebirdhouse Designs

Kristen Evans, the owner of Firebirdhouse Designs, loves creating unique jewelry designs and textiles from vintage and new components, as well as recycled/repurposed vintage pieces and fabrics.

Originally a fine artist, Kristen says " I love turning beautiful things with history into useable and wearable art and that really began to be the core of my inspiration. I like the challenges that come with recycling and reusing in new ways."

Original patinas, embroidered and hand needlefelted details, and high quality components are some of the things which set Firebirdhouse pieces apart from the crowd.

Her colorful shop is an everchanging display of pieces that "hold onto the charm of vintage while still having a modern or quirky edge."

The shop offers free shipping to the US and Canada and ships worldwide, as well as now offering a wholesale catalog.

An avid user of Twitter under the name @Firebirdhouse as well as co-leader of the EtsyTwitter Team, she says "I love the people I meet on twitter, and I try to talk, comment, and share just like I would if they were hanging out with me in my studio. I try to always be genuine and be myself. A lot of my sales come from Twitter but I don't ever make that my goal."

Firebirdhouse Designs is offering 25% off on purchases over $25 from August 17 - August 23rd. Use Code SOTW in notes to seller and your refund will be issued via Paypal. Excludes Joyce Richardson Benefit items.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Monday, August 17, 2009

Featured in a Treasury...

My origami ornament is featured in a Masquerade Medley Treasury by one of my NEW EtsyTwitter Team-mates @BitterMoon. It's her first treasury and there has been two sales - one mine! That's number two this week. Thanks so much : ) Sb

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team's

Shop of the Week: Safiya Beauty

Everything about Nailah Safiya Blades’ shop at is sumptuous. She creates natural bath and body products that merge natural and eco-friendly ingredients with luxurious indulgence. You can moisturize, polish, make suds, lather, and soak with her products - AND - the next best thing to eating the real thing : )

Her shop announcement says, “Safiya’s philosophy is to provide you with the finest, purest natural and organic products, but never at the risk of neglecting your need to feel beautiful and smell delicious. Our products contain only what is absolutely necessary to make the absolute best product for your body without sacrificing your desire to feel fantastic.” It makes me want to check out her shop for something that will make me feel soft and pretty. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed!!

Nailah wants you to know that she works “very hard to make sure that my products are made with the very best ingredients I can find. I think as a culture, we pay very close attention to what we put into our bodies but not so much what we put on them, which is just as important. Because of that, all of my products are made with natural ingredients and contain no parabens, phthalates, or harsh preservatives. I also strive to provide an environmentally friendly product and go to great lengths to ensure this.

“I’m an indulgent person and I think that shows through with my products. I really enjoy creating products that will transport my consumer to their own little private spa. I love using creamy butters and skin-loving vegetable oils because they create such opulent products. I’m also slightly inspired by food! All of my bath bombs are cookies or cupcakes – I have a major sweet tooth.”

You can even see the indulgence in her products through her photos. The way the butters peak up firmly, you can tell they have a lot of body to them and will be luxuriously creamy.

Her favorite thing about her craft is “how the finished product makes others feel. I love watching someone try my body butters for the first time and see their eyes light up as they rub it into their skin or as they smell the scents. That’s definitely my favorite part!”

About Twitter: “I love Twitter! I think my biggest piece of Twitter advice would be to make sure it’s not all about you. I try to ‘RT’ [retweet] others or share articles that others may find helpful. I also use Twitter to announce any specials on my shop or when I have new blog posts.”

Are you looking for the perfect gift or favor? Custom and wholesale orders are welcomed by Safiya Beauty! They offer private labeling for weddings, showers and parties.

Follow her on Twitter @safiyabeauty
Read her blog at

Special for this Week: 15% off your entire order – just mention “EtsyTwitter” in the seller’s notes and she will reimburse you via PayPal refund.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

All photos copyright to Safiya Beauty/Nailah Safiya Blades

Monday, August 10, 2009

I've been selected on top 10 List

My fellow EtsyTwitter Team-mate, Linda Blatchford of LindaB Creations has a wonderful blog and graciously does a weekly top 10 list showcasing & promoting other Etsy artisans. And this past Friday my Candy Cane Card was selected in her latest list.
image candy cane card
Linda is creator of unique jewelry designs and stamped greeting cards. She is also an etailer at and, Your One-Stop Online Giftshop, providing gifts and news for people who want to indulge in beaded jewelry, handmade chocolates, books, candles, and other gift items. Please check out her shop and show her some handmade love.

Thanks so much Linda : )

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Etsy Twitter Team's

Shop of the Week: Uber Art

I love making hand-bound books and the books at this week's featured shop are Uber-Fabulous!!! I am in several different groups in which I swap ATCs, Altered art/books and Hand-bound mini books and I am in love with the copic stitched beauties in UberArt's shop [I haven't tackled this type of hand-bound book yet]. Book making is one of the lost arts, but Beth is keeping the tradition alive with her sophisticated hand-bound journals and guestbooks. I will be contacting her for a custom book to commemorate my 20th anniversary with my husband that will be next year. I really love the combinations of covers and colors, too - my favorite is the Japanese Crane Mini Journal [wink, wink]. Oh, I almost forgot the gorgeous Polymer clay pendants - in Asian & Egyptian themes with rich colors and authentic detailing. SMb

If you are in the market for a stunning hand-bound journal or guest book, look no further than Beth’s work is to die for! Any paper lover would agree that her work would be a pleasure to create an art journal with. Your guests will also love to sign their names in her guest books, and these would make a great addition to any event, not just weddings. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a guest book from that backyard BBQ that was so fun last summer? You can have blank pages added to the back of Beth’s guest books for photos and mementos. A book like that would be cherished for years to come!

All of Beth’s books are made with tender loving care, with superior workmanship, and great attention to detail. She is a self-professed super-perfectionist and if it doesn't pass her quality control, it doesn't leave her studio!

“My customers inspire me to create books that both of us love. Making something beautiful that will be cherished and loved is very rewarding for me. I love working with paper, collecting paper, coordinating papers, touching paper... and so on! Selling my books gives me an excuse to buy more paper!” says Beth about her work.

Beth has an undergraduate degree in studio art and a Masters in Art Therapy. She has studied everything from paper arts to jewelry design, collage and pottery. She is a self-taught book artist and has been making books since around 2003.

Recently she worked with the Grammy Award winning rock band, The Fray, to create a backstage guest book for their 2009 summer tour. You can view her portfolio at

She ships internationally and is running a sale for this week: Mention "EtsyTwitter" in the Notes to Seller section for 10% off any item in her shop (expires Sunday 8/9/09).

Follow her on Twitter @UberArt
Read her blog:

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