Tuesday, June 30, 2009

EtsyTwitter Team Shop of the Week:

Sumiko Shop

I just love this photograph and ring - a rose for all seasons! All of the photography of Evelyn's SumikoShop are stunning as are her wares.

Evelyn Palazzin, of SumikoShop.etsy.com, creates gorgeous jewelry and accessories for women. Her shop is filled with lovely items and the photographs are beautiful, enticing all who stop by to take a look and make a purchase. Evelyn lives in a tourist town by the sea in Italy. Her creations have an old-world charm about them.

“I have always had a passion to create, to recycle items, and to invent and process things from scratch. I don’t consciously think of myself as an artist BUT as a person who always loves to create and learn new techniques. After I became a mother, I used my free time to create jewellery and accessories for myself and my friends. That was also about the time that I discovered Etsy and the world of eShops.

"I have always had a passion for sewing clothes for myself, but I also loved unique and original accessories, and I found such joy in creating them, or seeing people wear such items. I spend countless hours searching for new materials and findings for my jewellery. It’s inevitable to get an idea or inspiration after such intense consideration of materials. Sometimes just studying them creates images of the completed item in my mind.”

If you never become famous with your art, would you still think it was a route worth taking? “Certainly. The joy of art is in its creation, its appreciation, and its ability to enrich the mind. We must not think of art as a means for fame and wealth, but as a way of expression, to keep the mind active, and as the wholesome way to live fully, daily. If success and fame comes, then it comes as a surprise.”

Follow her on Twitter: @SumikoShop
Read her blog: SumikoCreations.blogspot.com

Special Offer for the Week: Free shipping worldwide. Mention “Etsy Twitter” in Message to Seller and shipping will be refunded.

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All photos copyright to Sumiko Shop/Evelyn Palazzin

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Check out this EtsyTwitter Team

Deb - You ROCK!!!! I just love these unique shapes - especially the "Organic Hammered Heart" and the"SEXY Slender French". I will certainly have to revamp some of my earrings and other baubles to some of these sterling silver beauties...Sb

Deb "Rocki" Adams, of RockisSupplies.etsy.com, creates “handcrafted metalwork findings & jewelry in a variety of finishes using Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, 14k Gold Filled & now Copper”. Her signature pieces are Elfin Ear wires and they are stunning. “A couple years ago, when I was selling in my old Etsy shop, I made my own ear wires for my jewelry and started getting requests for my Signature Elfins. So, I started selling them in that shop and it took off from there.” What a nice way to get a start in selling handmade supplies!

When you look at Rocki’s Supplies shop for the first time it’s easy to assume the items are not handmade simply because they are so perfect! But her jewelry findings really are handmade!! It’s amazing! Including handmade findings in your handmade jewelry would definitely increase the value of your work as a whole. Plus you’re buying handmade for your supplies and everybody wins!

“My tag line pretty much sums it up that my findings are more than supplies, they are ‘Handcrafted Pieces of Art For Your Artistic Creations’ - I truly put my heart and soul into my work and although my days are quite long, I value the integrity of each piece I make and customer care is most important to me. I appreciate each customer and am thrilled when they share their creations with me - makes my heart happy!”

What inspires Rocki to create? “I have this inner fire that I never knew existed until several years ago - out of bad situations come good things. You know, ‘when life throws you lemons, make lemonade!’ I honestly eat, sleep, dream, and wear metal - including my mouth! Yep, braces. I have come up with new creations in the weirdest ways - from relaxing in my pool, looking at fixtures around my home, walking through hardware stores - you name it. Even my hubby gets into coming up with ideas! But, I must say that my customers inspire me tremendously! From brand new requests to tweaking some of my current work, I have made some very cool findings.”

Special Offer for this week only: For any purchase made during the week of this blog feature, she will include a small free sample, one per customer. All you have to do is mention you found her via the "Twitter Blog Feature" in "Message to Seller" at time of purchase.

Follow her on Twitter: @RockisMetalwork
Read more on her blog: RockisRocknBeads.blogspot.com

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All photos copyright to Rocki's Supplies/Deb "Rocki" Adams

Monday, June 15, 2009

Etsy Shoppe Opening This Week!

I am proud to announce that the SalonD'Arte Etsy Shoppe will be opening this week [week of June 21st-27th, 2009]. Great News!!! I am now officially a NEW member of the EtsyTwitter Team. I have been doing much research, volunteering and have had a lot LESS sleep at nights in preparation for this new "art"venture.

I look forward to my new venture and to all my new Etsy friends and customers. Thanks for visiting : ) Sb

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bridal Daze Is Here!

In an effort to cure brides, grooms, and their families and friends of the impending "Bridal Daze" that usually occurs during wedding planning, the Etsy Twitter Team is embarking on a week-long journey to help all those affected by that “glazed over” expression when faced with so many choices.

This week you will find everything from handmade “Save the Date” cards and invitations, jewelry for the bride and attendants, candles, guest books, scrapbooks, gifts, a little food to tide you over, and thank you and note cards. It’s the one-stop-shopping location you dreamed of when you were a little girl dreaming about your wedding. (Ha! Like all of us girls did that, right?!) So please check back often...
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