Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Special Event in 4 days...

Go Green with the Etsy Twitter Team!!!

Graphic created by Susan Brown of SalonDArte

The EtsyTwitter Team is throwing an eco-party, and everyone is invited!

For anyone that knows me - they know I am a recycling "NUT"! I pickup things in parking lots, bring home anything I use during the day & recycle everything from straw wrappers to toilet paper tubes, and upcycle things into my artwork. This is a particular Movement/Lifestyle that is near and dear to my heart - one that with small changes in our daily routine - can yield drastic results. Our Earth matters and I want to help make it a better place for my children [when I have some] and their children.

From July 21st to July 27th, the authority on Twitter for all things handmade will be offering a summer feast of cool eco-friendly tips, suggestions, awesome handcrafted genius and a scavenger hunt with lots of “green” prizes for the winners.

Our team, The EtsyTwitter Team which uses Twitter to expand its reach to a global audience, thinks that “Going Green” is far more than just a sales pitch. We really want to dispel the myth that items that are “green” have to be expensive or time-consuming to find, and encourage people to think of ways they can conserve the most valuable resource we have, which is the Earth itself. This is one way to really turn people on to the idea of buying responsibly and learning how to find items, which support, rather than harm, our natural resources and at the same time supporting artists by buying "Handmade".

We feel that supporting green initiatives are part of meeting the Etsy Twitter Team's mission to become the authority on Twitter for all things handmade. The handmade lifestyle is an important piece of the eco-puzzle and we want to be sure and share that with the rest of the world, on Twitter and off.

Beginning on Tuesday, July 21st, the EtsyTwitter Team blog will have a list of participating shops that feature eco-friendly handmade items and more details about the fun scavenger hunt.

I am participating, too! Receive Free Shipping & free gift on all Think GREEN items in my shop. Check out this newly listed item. Please mention GREEN TWEETS in message at checkout to receive credit of shipping costs. One of my handmade upcycled "Think Green" items will be a prize for the scavenger hunt. See you there!! Sb

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