Monday, July 20, 2009

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Shop of the Week: Geek Details

If you are of generation "X" and grew up in the '80s - then this shop is for you! Flashback to the days of micro mini's, bangle bracelets & denim jackets covered in pins. Those were the days! GeekDetails also has these unique "Alice in Wonderland" themed items like roses with faces and they just make you chuckle. Enjoy this shop and get your "GEEK" on - here's a little more about this "Totally RAD" shop...

Amanda Roberts, of, is a very creative artist. She makes a variety of handmade items that are all geeky in nature. She has everything from pinback buttons to handpainted dishware to specimens from her favorite books. She is constantly rolling out new products based on her favorite geeky past times. Her store inventory is a reflection of what she’s into at the moment. And it’s all wonderful geeky goodness!! But you don’t have to be a geek to enjoy her work. It’s all very fun and sometimes whimsical. Her buttons are quite witty!!

“I want my customers to know the attention to detail that goes into my products. I don’t make things I wouldn’t be happy with receiving myself. I love making custom orders and just because an item isn’t listed doesn’t mean I’m not willing to make it. Some of my favorite items stem from a customer contacting me about an idea they had.

“What inspires me: I can look at a shell shaped dish and figure out something to do with it or overhear a conversation during a party and run upstairs with a new idea for the store. Some of my best ideas for my store happen over a couple drinks with geeky male friends while discussing the finer points of Arathi Basin or heckling the zombie lore of a movie.”

Twitter tricks of the trade: “I have a widget on my blog now that posts to my Twitter account every time I post a new entry on the blog. It also does a Twitter feed in a sidebar of my blog for me. I’ve found this to be helpful in directing traffic to my blog or my Twitter and it also makes the Twitter account a bit easier to update.”

Follow her @geekdetails
Read her blog at

Special Deal for the Week: One FREE button for every $10 in merchandise purchased (shipping not included). Include the names of the buttons you’d like in the notes to seller. She will also have a listing up for a value pack of buttons that will be up for one week.

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