Monday, July 27, 2009

New Project That's Starting Out Green

I'm working on a new project for a Mini Scrapbook class that I will teach at the end of August. It is a shell book. I wanted to use real shells, but I found an inexpensive, GREENER option. I'm using these cheap plastic serving dishes that came from the party store - one's that aren't recyclable and are way too flimsy to really repurpose with a plant or something weighty. So I had a EUREKA moment...I will keep these babies out of the trash and strengthen them with some old-school paper maché! So gluey and fun! For the paper I am using a mini phone book that was left at my front door during the week that met an afternoon downpour - so it's been drying on the door mat waiting to head to the recycling bin. I have one coat on each side so far and I'm waiting for it to dry and see how they've perked up. When complete, I plan on spraying them with some stone texture spray paint [I know, that's not so green], then paint details with acrylics to make them have the look and feel of a real shells. I will post more as this project progresses.

Meanwhile, the Go GREEN with the Etsy Twitter Team Event continues through please drop by and check it out! One of the awesome scavenger hunt prizes is one of my handmade mini scrapbooks made from AOL installer disks...SMb : )

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