Thursday, December 24, 2009

Go Under the Sea with Noadi's Art -

EtsyTwitter Team's Shop Of The Week

"Merry Squidmas" Everyone! Noadi's Art under the sea and scientific creations are unique and have a sense of whimsy - they always make me SMILE - proving even geeky things can be artsy and chic. I really love Sheryl's specimens in a jar. This brain in a jar necklace is the perfect keepsake to commemorate my seven years of working "BRAINSTORMS" Advertising [really] and the good old days...we actually made Christmas Cards with brains. We had a photo shoot with a shelf of brains in Jars and another with a large gelatin brain that we photoshopped into a string of christmas lights [back when photoshop was a baby and didn't have all the bells and whistles it has today, or layers for that matter]. Those were the days...

And if all Noadi's swimming and science stuff has worked up an appetite, Noadi can also fill your appetite with the "Culinary Cuttlefish" - a blog about Sheryl's passion for cooking. With all things culinary to feed your mind and stomach - AND - homestyle recipes, in a quirky, step-by-step experimental fashion. YES, I am a fan. For the new year, I am preparing my first roast beef following her recipe ; )

There's a genuine love and passion behind the sculpture and jewelry that you find swimming at Noadi's. Cephalopods, fossils, crabs, and other denizens of the sea fill this shop and artist Sheryl Westleigh wouldn't have it any other way. A 27 year old Maine native, Sheryl's love for science and these unique and intelligent creatures inspires every one of her original, polymer clay creations.

From intricately tentacled steampunk cephalopods bristling with gears to quirky specimen jar pendants and platypus ornaments, you can find the perfect gift for the science lover in your life, or for yourself, in this unique shop.

Sheryl says, " I really do love the subjects I base my creations on.It's really wonderful that I've found an outlet for it that sells, and that allows me to bring in my other interests."

In addition to the Etsy Twitter Team, Sheryl is also a member of Seller Helping Sellers on Etsy, and has plenty of tips for those wanting to use Twitter as a means of promoting work and building your business.
"Make strategic use of autoposting of new items and deals. No more than 3 new items at a time. When I have deals that are scheduled to autopost, I do it no more than once every 4 hours. That seems to be a frequency that gets enough attention from my followers without becoming annoying. I also network with others who share my interests in science, etc, outside of the Etsy community, and that has led to sales. "

Sheryl's favorite thing about her art? "That I can do it for a living. And working with polymer clay is a joy, too. I love the stuff! Its so versatile." But marine animals and polymer clay aren't her only loves- she has a beautiful llama named Lauren, as well.

Noadi ships internationally to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all of Europe. Visit Noadi's Art at or find her on:


Free stamped octopus cards with every order, no code needed.

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