Thursday, April 15, 2010

All Hearts for MySassyGlass

EtsyTwitter Team's Shop of the Week

This week's shop of the week is mysassyglass run and owned by Susan Buchanan and Emilee. Located in Buchanan Fond Du Lac, WI the girls ship internationally. "I started the business about five years ago after I was downsized out of my fourth job. My plan was to make larger glass pieces to sell, but glass is expensive so I started making pendants to practice different techniques and found there was a market for them. Emilee was drawn to my studio and soon received a blue ribbon at an art show for this piece. started helping me sell at craft shows and when I expanded my business to the Internet, she became my photographer, Internet marketer, and technical support."

Within the shop Susan told me your can find the following : "For Etsy we make and sell fused glass slides, pendant and pierced and clip on earrings. When we are selling at art and craft shows we add wind chimes, garden stakes, jewelry dishes, melted wine bottles and table art to draw more people to are booth. In my supply store, I sell some of the jewelry bails, ear wires and display cards that I use for my jewelry. I like to buy my supplies in bulk, so this store allows me to pass on savings to etsy shoppers."

Her twitter tricks of the trade are: "When using twitter we like to limit our direct promotion tweets and sprinkle them in with tweets of miscellaneous information that people might find interesting. We also feel that interacting with people is important so we like to ask questions and try to get responses. We like to select people at random and RT something for them. We find that most of the time, they will reciprocate by RT’ing something of ours. This not only increases the chance that your tweet will be seen and read by your followers but it also now can be seen by people that are currently not following you. You never know from where your next sale will come. I sold a pendant because I responded to a random tweet about a woodpecker. We tweeted back and forth a few times until he got curious and went to my profile page. He then went to my etsy store and selected a pendant for his wife…."

Susan's favorite thing about her art "My favorite thing about glass fusing is that when things go well… you open the kiln its like “Christmas morning”. But unlike other crafts, once the kiln was turned on there is no going back to alter something that doesn’t work quite right. In the kiln, the glass is slowly heated to over 1300 degrees and then slowly cools down to room temperature. This process can take a minimum of seven hours and can be 15 hours or more. When glass is heated it can move or just one layer can slip, bubbles can form and sometimes large bubbles can pop. Glass can also stick to the mold being used to create a shape. When things go unexpectedly, it is important to be able to envision a new plan for the glass. The following image is two pendants that slid together in the kiln, I was disappointed until I rotated the piece and saw this. "

Mysassyglass is offering the ETT readers the following deal:
FREE SHIPPING until April 30th on all purchases totaling $40 or more from either of our Etsy shops. Items will be shipped either USPS First Class OR First Class International. Please use code: SOTW in the comments at checkout to redeem this offer. Shipping charges will be refunded via Paypal after payment or you may convo me before payment for a revised invoice. Wisconsin residents - applicable purchase of $40 is calculated before sales tax. Also…..We invite you to check out our facebook pendant giveaway.

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