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Mikiye Creations Designs so In Style...

EtsyTwitter Team's Shop of the Week

Article Written by Jen Kubrick from - thanks Jen! : )

This week's shop of the week is run by the lovely: Mikiye Narita. In her shop, Mikiye Creations, you can find various types of jewelry and Specialize in designing one of a kind customized hair accessories. "I am constantly learning and being inspired by my Brides. They always have me on my toes when it comes to creating their one of a kind pieces, many of which are heirloom quality for their Special Day. It's so fantastic to always be striving to be the best I can be and creating heirloom pieces that they will cherish forever."

When interviewing Mikiye she told me a little about herself.
"I grew up in a family full of artistic women and was bit by the art bug early in life. I have always loved keeping myself involved with anything that I can express my talents in. I spent 15+ years working as a Professional celebrity Makeup artist in Los Angeles and about 7 years ago began my love affair with making flowers. It wasn't long until my clients and friends were asking me to make them flowers and accessories so it was a natural move to start my own business. I am completely self taught so it's great fun for me to see how far I have come and how much my skills and techniques have improved!"

As an artist the world that surrounds us normally inspires us to create. (well at least that's what my art teacher taught me in elementary school) For Mikiye she is inspired by "history! Art History was one of my favorite classes! I just drooled over the elaborate clothing and accessories. The paintings, colors and representations of opulence drove me wild! I try to incorporate that richness into my work. Little inklings of it here and there. I think my attention to detail and high quality help bring my passion to fruition. Everything in fashion can be traced back to the beginnings and I love to pick and choose from each era a little something special and add my own twist."

Mikiye's trick of twitter is as follows: "I really enjoy getting to know people on twitter. It is such an easy way to see what people are up to. I check out new items my friends tweet about as well as just see what they are up to. I like to make sure I comment/interact with others and I always like to share something I find interesting that another person has tweeted about. Definitely take the time to get to know who's on there because it is amazing the tight knit family that can actually develop when you really pay attention to who's doing what. Frankly, it's just A LOT of FUN!"

As all of our members have Mikiye has shared her business resolutions for the New Year. "One of my business resolutions is to get my personal site up! Literally, this has been in the making for the last 5 years and keeps falling through the cracks. I can't wait to have this available for my clients!"

Mikiye is offering our readers the following special this week:

FREE U.S. SHIPPING on all purchases. Please add SOTW in notes to seller to redeem this. Shipping will be refunded through Paypal.

To learn more about this shop please use the handy links below:


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