Sunday, March 7, 2010

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Shop of the Week: Amievoltaire 2/21-2/29/2010 -- & a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY!

Angela Keller of Amievoltaire has a shop full of colorful handmade classic children’s clothing with a modern flair. Skirts, dresses, aprons, and even doll clothes abound with bright patchwork and all-girl ruffles. She has provided many happy clients with her clothing apparel since she opened her Etsy shop in January, 2008. She ships internationally, too!

In our interview, it was very apparent that Angela loves what she does. “My items really are made with love.” she said “but my customers say they like working with me because I take pride in my work.” She loves seeing her customers come back, knowing that they enjoyed their experience. She stands behind her work with her workmanship guarantee.

“My zest for the artistic spans my lifetime.” Part of the joy in her work comes from connecting two or more gorgeous artistic creations into something pleasing, but completely different. She says many things ranging from “my children, the seasons, the weather, my childhood and currently – fabric!” inspire her. Like many fabric enthusiasts, she says “I need to control my pine for fabric”!

What are your Twitter tricks of the trade? Angela responds, “It's clear that if you want someone to listen you need to provide them with something interesting, something they can care about. I try to be open and honest and share what my friends are doing. I need to continue to establish relationships. I believe this is working for me on Facebook and I'd like to foster it more on twitter.

To celebrate her status as the Etsy Twitter Teams’ Shop of the Week, Angela is offering a special giveaway that ends February 28.
Anyone who mentions Etsy Twitter Team will receive 20% off their total purchase. In addition, check out her giveaway on her blog at
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