Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A little bit of Italy

Just wanted to share a little piece of art. An "Italy" theme ATC that I made using a photo my Dad had taking on a trip to Europe when he was 15. I'm so glad that I get my artistic influence from both sides of my family - my father and my maternal grandmother, who taught me to paint when I was 14. Making art is something that is a daily necessity...just like the morning coffee. I may not always be actively creating something every day - but the creative wheels are turning and need to be greased often. I always am taking photos, sketching down ideas, and delving into art history. I just learned yesterday that Edvard Meunch in his later years liked to paint outdoors and would set out all his paintings around his yard with him, & treated his creations like his children. Hmmm what a strange similarity...many artists feel like their creations are their babies...
: ) SMb

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