Sunday, October 24, 2010

FromNancysHeart brings Smiles to all Seasons...

This weeks EtsyTwitter Team Featured Etsian.

One of my favorite ETT Teammates and I featured this item during my Christmas in July Extravagana. You will find your fill of Fun & Festive seasonal decorations by FromNancysHeart at Etsy. There's Thunder & Lightning, and Lightning Bugs but what about the least famous brother... the Lightning Bulb? Santa's favorite insect of them all - The Lighning Bulb! This cute little guy certainly shines a whole new light to crafting GREEN : ) Sb

Lightning  Bulb

Meet Nancy Napoli, the creative mind behind FromNancysHeart, the Etsy Twitter Team's Shop of the Week! She has an Etsy shopful of original 3-dimensional ornaments, signs, wreaths, dolls and cake toppers--are all made of wood--and covering just about any holiday or occasion you can think of! And she ships internationally, too!

Nancy has been making little characters for years and never tires of the joy it brings. "Making their little faces just makes me smile and I love telling a story about each one." This imagination and love shows in each item description! Nancy gets most of her ideas from watch all the children in her family. She says "I never have enough time in the day to be able to capture all of their experiences and joys. I love their stories and try to incorporate their imaginative fun". She's pretty economical, too: "I love that I use little pieces of wood to create one's great on space!"
Sugarie Delight
Nancy is relatively new to social media, but it figured prominently in her goals for this year: exploring "The virtual world; and expanding my own knowledge of how it runs." Her aim is "to motivate and inspire customers back into handmade" by "tweeting and sharing creations of other ETT members along with other Etsians on Facebook ~ I hope to bring both family and friends to see the joy and wonderful artistry that's in the world." That's a goal that all Etsians can appreciate!

Nancy's plans for this Winter/Holiday Season include bringing out some new items for the family, possibly even a group gift! "I'm going to show items that can be multi personalized, possibly for a family; or for Grandma with the names of her grandkids." And special for this week, she'll be releasing a few new designs!

Bringing traffic and sales to your Etsy shop can be a challenge. Nancy has worked to create quality photographs and Twitter raport to accomplish this feat.

Sending Love
Nancy will be offering
Free Shipping 10/18 through 10/24
Just mention code SOTW1018
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Special thanks to Judy of WellspringCreations for writing this post : )

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