Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Lake Worth Steet Painting Fest

This is the painting I will be recreating for the Annual Lake Worth Street Painting Festival in Lake Worth, FL on Feb. 20-21st, 2010.

It is by artist Bruno Zapan, entitled "Barges Under Pont des Arts, Summer Light" an Oil on canvas, 32 x 25 1/2". Part of the recent exhibition "en plein air" at the Galerie D'Orsay - which I stumbled upon from searching for a painting on the web. Bruno Zapan is a living artist who work is a modern incarnation of Impressionist & Post Impressionist masters. "Zupan’s inspiration comes from spending his life in the pursuit of light. He prefers to paint en plein air rather than in his studio, and his locations of choice are Mallorca, Venice, and Paris. Picturesque vistas, the haphazard growth of flowers along stucco walls or well-worn footpaths, and the golden tones of sunset on Venetian architecture all owe their inspiration to Zupan’s observance of light and the recognition of the varied yet simple manifestations of its beauty. Bruno Zupan was born in 1939 in Slovenia. Once his studies in Zagreb, Croatia were completed, he immigrated to Paris in 1962 where he enjoyed a bohemian lifestyle. He traveled to the United States in 1964 and became an American citizen in 1969."

Special Thanks to the Galerie D'Orsay | 33 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116 Ph. 617-266-8001 | for their beautiful website and featured online exibitions. One day I have to plan a trip to Boston and visit this Gallery myself.

I am so enticed by this painting and I am excited to be paying homage to a 'living master' painter. Sb

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