Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shared Ideas Visualized...

This large origami ornament in "HOT" tropical colors is a special gift for my 1st customer Anne of AnneMusingDesigns on Etsy. Not only was she my first sale, she had much praise for my little origami gems and gave me several etsy pointers and some awesome design ideas. She is a fellow Etsy artisan who makes paper flowers and has handmade roses made from pages of romance novels {what a beautiful way to alter a book}. From our convos, I was so inspired - I dove into my paper stash to find the girliest, most colorful floral I could find. This is the result of some of those ideas - a large version of the ornament - in bright DaisyD Floral patterned paper! The form is 7" tall - kissing ball size {embellished about 12"}. I am so excited to be shipping my orders today and this special surprise for my new etsy friend. I can't wait for the orders to be delivered...while I wait, I am making some of these larger decor ornaments for the shoppe. Thanks so much Anne : ) Sb

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Jan Grasso said...


Very Beautiful! -The colors are gorgeous. i am very fortunate to see you at least once a month and learn from you all your creative ideas and great personality! guess who?

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